THE FAME MONSTER is the first tribute act which longs

to recreate the same feelings of Lady Gaga's performances never forgetting to underline the shades of her character on stage.
How it all began
The very first steps to create this projects were separately taken by its two founders.
In 2009 Dale Lapointe, began to impersonate Lady Gaga with live solo perfomances wearing perfect replica oufits. In the meanwhile, Fabrizio Amilcare created a live band which payed tribute to Lady Gaga's hit singles. After they met, the project started, rised and never stopped collecting lots of successes.
Brief Resumé
  • Sold Out show across whole Europe in the most prestigious venues (Alcatraz, Kleijbors, Stazione Birra, De Bosuil)
  • Dale Lapointe is aworded by Universal Music durin Lady Gaga's Artpop release party in Milan
  • THE FAME MONSTER show is chosen by Universal Music and Muccassasina for the Arpop Release Party in Rome
  • Michael Silas, original Lady Gaga dancer from her beginning, picks THE FAME MONSTER as the most faithful and accurate trubute to start a collaboration
  • Michael Silas and THE FAME MONSTER perform together on Alpheus' stage in Rome
  • Dale Lapointe meets Lady Gaga! The two ladies performed together on Hallenstadion's stage in Zurich during the #artRave tour
  • During last #artRave in Paris, Dale Lapointe meets Freddie (Lady Gaga's Hairstylist); she gets compliments for her wig and outfit
  • A new collaboration starts with Ian Mackenzie (original Lady Gaga dancer from her cast)
  • THE FAME MONSTER Show is chosen for the 17th Bangkok International festival of dance and music
The Talents behind the show